Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Agile and Scrum

The first one : How To Complete Stories Without Leaving Bugs Behind.

The second one : Getting the Customer Involved

The third one : Does Agile Limit Financial Rewards for an Individual?

These three news summarize answers about interesting questions. They contain a lot of good links to other news, articles and books.


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Johanna Rothman: Agile Risk Reduction for Traditional Teams

Myths of Kanban

Software craftsmanship

Smart agile by ivar jacobson

How to create a stateful Richfaces popup

This article has been published first on Javalobby

I use JSF and especially Richfaces for 1 year. During this year I had a few issues with Richfaces popups.

Richfaces popups had the following issues

  • The popup component is stored in the components tree although it is not displayed. On some use cases, the complete popup sub tree can be stored in the tree.
  • Because popups are usually displayed using javascript, there are not sync with the components tree and vice versa.
  • So popups are display off when user reloads the page, that generates inconsistent state.
  • A lot of popups on the same page, that significates a lot of rich:modalPanel components, increases file size and decreases readability.
  • Popups don't stack easily (A calls B or B calls A mean different zindex for A and B).

One of my coworker said richfaces popup component doesn’t scale because each sort of popup requires a specific declaration. The team had create a JSF fragment file that contains all the popup components whatever their domains or the business logic location in package and module.

My opinion is that a popup should be part of the UI logic. It should not be a component you add like a textbox but it would rather be a window you create with a createPopup method.

Ok let's try to improve popup logic.


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