Monday, November 26, 2012

jQuery dynatree adapter for JSF 2


dynatree-for-jsf is a JSF 2 adapter for dynatree jQuery plugin ( dynatree allows to dynamically create html tree view controls using JavaScript.

Why this adapter though Richfaces or Primefaces already implements> tree components ? Because dynatree has more features, is more mature, robust and is a prooven component.

Source code and sample are available on 
Sample is running on Cloudbees at


This adapter handles events for all of the dynatree events. All events can be mapped to JSF ajax events.
Here is a typical use of the adapter

onLazyRead and onActivate ajax events are binded to methods of the managed bean treeBean.
  • lazyRead populates the tree dynamicaly.
  • activate refresh a JSF panel with the selected node key.
All with Ajax.
This project does not include jquery, nor dynatree. You should include their by yourself.


I have create an example with an infinite ajax tree
Browse to http://localhost:8080/tree/tree.jsf
alt Screenshot


Apache License, Version 2.0



Authors of dynatree, a great component. Authors of Primefaces and Mojarra, a source of inspiration on how to create an JSF 2 component with Ajax behaviour

Monday, April 30, 2012

Lucene Generic Highlighter

I have pushed on GitHub a projet on how to create a generic highlighter with Apache Lucene.

Original Lucene Highlighter is too much coupled with snippet highlighting and :
  • Do not allow easily to highlight a whole text 
  • Handles only text with a formatter strongly coupled to text 
 I have modified the original Lucene Highlighter to allow highlighting of "anything". The highlighter is a callback instead of a formatter and it's purpose is to find terms in a whole text with a score. I used this code to highlight XML, PDF, HTML... with or without Solr.

Note : This project is an extract of a large project with submodule.